Victoria is a leadership , team and career coach and works with her clients to find Clarity, Focus and Direction


“It was like being given the key to the door of another world that I knew existed, but I just couldn’t figure out how to open it up! Victoria displays a very natural and calming style, provokes your inner thoughts and helps you to challenge yourself about what you really want out of life. If you’re looking for a change of direction, or someone to help ‘nudge’ you to the place you want to reach, Victoria is that person.”


“With her background of search & selection, headhunting and international investment banking, Victoria has made her own career transition to a position so well-suited to her own skills. As a career/life/executive coach, she is an intelligent, intuitive and gifted counsellor. She fully understands life in the environment of C21st professional and financial services firms, and can guide and counsel accordingly.”


“Our newly formed Top-Ex team (3 nationalities among 6 members, 4 new-comers) managed to reach a single-minded, tightly-bonded, high-performance status in a much shorter period of time than we imagined. The facilitation support we received was invaluable in both greatly speeding up the process and ensuring a superior level of cohesion, alignment and coordination. It was furthermore a truly fun process that also greatly aided individuals’ personal reflection and development.”